The proper way to clean fixed prosthesis and dentures recommended by your dentist in Cabo San Lucas

13 May

Unfortunately, many people need dentures. These phones are made ​​of acrylic plates that are attached artificial teeth, helping to rebuild the entire smile.

Wearing a denture requires thorough daily oral hygiene, which helps to prevent mucosal ulceration and also oral candidiasis.

If at first the dentist in Cabo San Lucas recommended wearing prosthesis throughout the day for accommodation, but in time it is advisable to remove it at night so tissues will relax and will prevent the buildup of tartar and bacteria.

For a rigorous hygiene, you should note the following tips:

– Removing carefully prostheses fixed with adhesive solution – Rinse mouth with water, then carefully remove the rest of the cream in the mouth with a toothbrush and warm water. Also the adhesive solution must be revolved from the prosthesis too.

– Care for gums and tissues of the mouth –the must be cleaned daily with a soft brush or using a massager, in order to stimulate blood circulation in the area. The remaining natural teeth must be clearedwell 2 times a day, in the morning before breakfast and at night before bed. The cleaning process is complete only after using mouthwash that has an antibacterial effect. It also prevents gum irritation.

– Cleaning the dentures – After its removal from the mouth, the denture must beheld under running water solarge food debris are eliminated. Then comes the denture brushing performed with a larger nail brush and soap (preferably liquid). Your dentist recommends you do not use toothpaste, because of its abrasive nature and because in time this can damage your dentures. Finally you can use a cleaning solution in warm water where you can store the denture over-night. Before the next use of the prosthesis, gentlerinse under running cold water. You should not forget to clean the surface of the tongues by brushing it.

Patient’s prosthesis wearers are prone to oral candidiasis. It is necessary to go to the dentist if the gum is permanently red, swelling or white – yellowish or brownish deposits appear (especially the tongue).

Patients with fixed prosthesis and/or with dental crowns in place have a different type of cleaning ritual. They must properly and correctly clean their teeth like they would normally have. However for them it is recommended to use a dental shower or water flossier to clean under the fixed prosthesis. This kind of appliance is very handy also in massaging the gums and in removing the debris from between the teeth. Some studies consider that a water flossier prevents also the build-up of tarter. Also there is a special floss that can be slide under the fixed prosthesis to clean under it.

Maintaining proper hygiene of the oral cavity is an essential factor for health and for the patient comfort, but also for long-term efficacy of this dental treatment.While in vacation in Mexico why not pay a visit to your dentist in Cabo San Lucas?


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