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The proper way to clean fixed prosthesis and dentures recommended by your dentist in Cabo San Lucas

13 May

Unfortunately, many people need dentures. These phones are made ​​of acrylic plates that are attached artificial teeth, helping to rebuild the entire smile.

Wearing a denture requires thorough daily oral hygiene, which helps to prevent mucosal ulceration and also oral candidiasis.

If at first the dentist in Cabo San Lucas recommended wearing prosthesis throughout the day for accommodation, but in time it is advisable to remove it at night so tissues will relax and will prevent the buildup of tartar and bacteria.

For a rigorous hygiene, you should note the following tips:

– Removing carefully prostheses fixed with adhesive solution – Rinse mouth with water, then carefully remove the rest of the cream in the mouth with a toothbrush and warm water. Also the adhesive solution must be revolved from the prosthesis too.

– Care for gums and tissues of the mouth –the must be cleaned daily with a soft brush or using a massager, in order to stimulate blood circulation in the area. The remaining natural teeth must be clearedwell 2 times a day, in the morning before breakfast and at night before bed. The cleaning process is complete only after using mouthwash that has an antibacterial effect. It also prevents gum irritation.

– Cleaning the dentures – After its removal from the mouth, the denture must beheld under running water solarge food debris are eliminated. Then comes the denture brushing performed with a larger nail brush and soap (preferably liquid). Your dentist recommends you do not use toothpaste, because of its abrasive nature and because in time this can damage your dentures. Finally you can use a cleaning solution in warm water where you can store the denture over-night. Before the next use of the prosthesis, gentlerinse under running cold water. You should not forget to clean the surface of the tongues by brushing it.

Patient’s prosthesis wearers are prone to oral candidiasis. It is necessary to go to the dentist if the gum is permanently red, swelling or white – yellowish or brownish deposits appear (especially the tongue).

Patients with fixed prosthesis and/or with dental crowns in place have a different type of cleaning ritual. They must properly and correctly clean their teeth like they would normally have. However for them it is recommended to use a dental shower or water flossier to clean under the fixed prosthesis. This kind of appliance is very handy also in massaging the gums and in removing the debris from between the teeth. Some studies consider that a water flossier prevents also the build-up of tarter. Also there is a special floss that can be slide under the fixed prosthesis to clean under it.

Maintaining proper hygiene of the oral cavity is an essential factor for health and for the patient comfort, but also for long-term efficacy of this dental treatment.While in vacation in Mexico why not pay a visit to your dentist in Cabo San Lucas?


Smoking and tooth health, opinions by your dentist in Puerto Vallarta

8 May

In recent years there is a concern increasingly higher on the harmful effects of smoking in terms of an increase in the frequency of smokers in the population. Numerous studies have shown the link between various diseases of the mouth and smoking, there is in this sense a concern for public awareness on the harmful effects of smoking.

Increasingly more evidence indicating smoking as a major risk factor for periodontal disease (disease of the supporting tissues of the teeth). Smoking affects the prevalence, extent and severity of these diseases. Various studies in America and Europe show a prevalence of periodontitis 1.5 to 7.3 times higher in smokers compared to non-smokers. The number of years the person has smoked is a significant factor in tooth loss, coronal caries severity and periodontal disease.

The mechanisms by which smoking acts periodontal disease are not fully understood. It has been shown that there is a qualitative change of the microorganisms involved in the production of periodontal disease in smokers. Smoking also produces a decrease in the local immune response by decreasing the number and impaired neutrophil function (defensecells) and a decrease in the production of antibodies. It has been shown an increase of tissue destructive enzymes in the conditions of local microcirculation damage (decrease blood supply and nutrients caused by smoking).

Of great interest is the involvement of smoking in cancers in oral- maxillofacial area. Oral cancer has a frequency of 5% of all cancers and the frequency is increasing.

Studies by various authors regarding the etiology of oral cancer indicates that tobacco consumed in various forms plays an important role in this respect. 90 % of patients with oral cancer use tobacco (cigarettes, pipe,and cigar, chewing tobacco). Smoking cigarettes seems to be more harmful than smoking a cigar or pipe. Various studies show that men who smoke are at risk 30 times greater than nonsmokers in triggering oral malignant tumors , while former smokers shows a nine times greater risk than non-smokers . Talk to your dentist in Puerto Vallarta about the risks of smoking according to your age and gender group.

An increased incidence of oral cancer in women has been demonstrated in recent years and a decrease in men given that the percentage of men who quit smoking is higher than that of women. Studies show that about 90 % of deaths from cancer of the oropharynx in males can be attributed to smoking (in women the percentage is 61 %).

As with periodontal disease mechanisms of action are not fully known, which makes tobacco to be considered a risk factor and not a causal factor. Thus, there is a well-established relationship between lip cancer and smoking pipe.

It would seem that tobacco cause damage in the cells of the oral and oral-pharyngeal mucosa causing rapid growth of abnormal cells in the tissue repair process. Clinical & Experimental Research has shown involvement in oral cancers of chemicals that cause changes in cellular DNA by producing mutant cells. These substances are the results from burning tobacco tar and rolling papers. Approximately 12 substances with carcinogenic effect have been identified. The risk of oral cancer is mainly related to the number of cigarettes consumed per day and the period of time. A former smoker’s risk of developing oral cancer field becomes equal to that of a nonsmoker only after 10 years of non-smoking.


It is important to stress the importance of passive smoking and cancer, given that cigarette smoke constituents and various metabolites can be identified in saliva in non-smokers exposed to

Also smoking promotes the rapid formation of tarter, making the patient even more prone to periodontal disease. You must visit you dentist in Puerto Vallarta every 6 months for a professional cleaning and even root scaling if it’s necessary

Dentist at Cabo San Lucas, Mexico; An reasonably priced dentist inside Mexico

3 May

An reasonably priced dentist in Mexico is ideal for authentic? Medical tourism, when many is calling it, looks becoming remarkably popular in Baja Ca Sur, Mexico because of the economic crisis gone through by many circular the world. the best new financial truth, making use of the greater greater prices upon dental procedures, far out of offers basically pushed more people in order to look for dental alternatives at Mexico yet with a fantastic high quality as well as at a one reasonably priced price.
Mexico even provides that possibility!
Why Mexico?
Throughout the final many years Cabo San Lucas became very favored getaway destinations around the world specifically for people in the USA to Canada. Cabo San Lucas is actually a fantastic destination to sit back additionally enjoy that the coastline, although at the same time grants one the opportunity to make use of your spending plan sensibly in dental procedures. Lots of people conserve enough on the dental or health tourism trips they have loads leftover towards fancy various or even all of the Cabo activities also.
How it could feel you can than dental treatments have the reduce are priced at at Mexico? Because of in direction of that the a variety of economy out of Mexico, some sort of per capita wage of habitants determines furthermore regulates the expenses inside entire nationwide market. As a result, ones dental costs in Mexico should be accessible to everybody in location, causing them to be more interesting in order to international customers. Additionally all you can lack of requiring extreme mal exercise insurance coverage then extra taxes for the medications in accordance with their United say to example.
Some sort of Dental goods quality may be gloomier than in that the united states of america? zero, dental products are really ones identical everywhere on the planet, through example, a amalgamated as your Porcelain Inlay your Mexican Dentists choose, is the identical because people they use in the united states or even Canada, customarily all products are produced inside america, Euope as Japan, such contents are formerly tested and also approved at companies like foods then medication division, the Ada therefore many others in Eu; at Mexico they’re supported through ones NOM (Mexican established Standards)
Would be their Dental Equipments exactly the same than in on united states of america? On technologies have brought additional excellence products in order to enhance as well as aid ones dentists and doctors, though Doctor. Arciga dental products displays improved strategically on action by action base available that the recognition and requires and also as he improves his volume of customers.
Some sort of length of time do I have to invest at Cabo towards cope with my own teeth? To all regular individual which might really want some porcelain crowns, composite fillings, root canals, extraction or even bleaching, we advice all genuine minimal 7-time continue to be, which can incorporate many time for you their dental laboratory towards tailor a quality porcelain crowns, nevertheless, if you’re planning for a quick keep, you can get a hold of Dr. Smile Mexico’s dentist office so that they can reach that the laboratory in front of time to request your short whilst delivery.