Tooth discoloration: all you need to know from your Playa del Carmen dentist

19 Apr

Tooth discoloration or staining of teeth is a very common dental problem and causes many people a great deal of discomfort when talking or smiling. Staining of teeth may be uniform or may appear as spots or lines on the enamel. Colored areas may have a density or porosity different than that of normal enamel. This phenomenon is due to the infiltration of certain substances in the enamel of the teeth resulting in loss of the normal natural white color, Coloration can vary from yellow , yellow -brown , brown , gray , gray- black or white spots, depending on the cause of their occurrence .

The teeth turning yellow is one of the most common manifestations of dental discoloration. The natural color of human teeth varies in color. Not all people are lucky have a bright white color as natural teeth. A slightly yellowish hue is found very frequently. Tooth enamel is more or less translucent, which means that the lower layer of dentin is the one that determines the color of your teeth. Different variations in dentin structure can affect the color of the reflected light, resulting in a different color of the teeth. In general this problem reveals a poor oral hygiene. Dental plaque is caused mainly by the formation of a yellowish film on the surface of the teeth that are not properly cleaned and can lead to other diseases such as tooth decay or gum inflammation.

The general trend is that when a person has yellowed teeth is to apply a tooth whitening procedure, but before it has to determine the cause of the problem.

Dental stains can be classified into three categories, each with its own determining causes:

1. Discoloration caused by extrinsic factors (exogenouscauses) – drinking coffee,tea, cigarettes, wine.

This occurs when chromogenic substances from food stain the enamel layer of the teeth. Cleaning and whitening products and professional dental cleaning can remove the unpleasant appearance of these stains. You should call us, make an appointment and get your teeth professionally cleaned by your Playa del Carmen dentist. We use the best equipment, have the highest standards and will definitely provide you a fresher smile, plus we’re only a short flight away.

2. Discoloration caused by intrinsic factors ( endogenous causes that occur during enamel formation ) tetracycline administration at an early age or during pregnancy , ingestion of large quantities of fluoride during childhood , the lack of vitamin A and B due to genetics (congenital porphyria ) .

In this case, the dentin layer is affected by abnormal coloration. These stains can be removed by using whitening products that change tooth color.

If stains have been untreated for too long, allowing them to penetrate the internal structures of the tooth, then it can recommend specific treatments or veneering teeth whitening.

3. Discoloration due to aging (a combination of endogenous and exogenous causes) due to aging enamel thins, allowing the dentin to show. This combined with exogenous factors contribute to the damaging of the natural aesthetical look of your teeth

Remember, a good oral hygiene and regular check-ups with your Playa del Carmen dentist will help you keep that pearly white smile for a longer time.


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