Extracting a tooth: recommendations given by your dentist in Playa del Carmen

13 Apr

Extraction of a tooth is sadly one of the most encountered maneuvers that occur in the dental office. For those who end up in this situation, it should be noted that you must meet certain indications to not delay the post extraction healing and prevent wound infection. The removal of wisdom teeth is also a procedure done routinely in dental practices.
Tooth extraction is a surgery is to remove a diseased tooth, which causes pathological processes and maintain local, regional and general that cannot be resolved through conservative treatments.
This surgery can be done either by your dentist, or maxillofacial surgery.
Here are the instructions your dentist in Playa del Carmen needs you to respect after tooth extraction:
-After 1-2 hours after the procedure remove the bandage and return to the dental office only if there is massive bleeding;
-Do not eat nor drink 1-2 hours after the procedure;
-Do not rinse your mouth vigorously;
– Eat only soft foods and semi- soft, not to irritate the wound;
-brushing will resume starting from the 2nd day after extraction;
-at the end of the day you can rinse your mouth with an antiseptic, but do not rinse vigorously;
-if pain occurs, your dentistmight administer anti-inflammatory medications;
-after 7 days you must return to the dentist’s office to remove the sutures or to get checked if the healing goes according to plans.
When tooth extraction should be done?

-Dental caries affected the tooth completely.
-Severe abscesses with no alternative treatment to remove the infection.
-Infection destroyed a large portion of the tooth and surrounding bone, making the tooth mobile;
-Crowding: Some orthodontic treatments sometimes require tooth extractions, to make room so that the other teeth will be directed accordingly.
-If the patient undergoes radiation of the head and neck , tooth extraction is necessary of the teeth that are in the field of action of radiation to prevent the apparition of osteoradionecrosis
-People who are subject to anti- cancer treatments are likely prone to dental infections ( due to low immunity of the body ) .
-If people are going to have an organ transplant tooth extraction of the teeth that could cause infection in the body after the procedure is required (after transplant drug treatments lead to decreased immunity).
– “wisdom teeth” (called the third molars) are often extracted either before or after the eruption
Preparation for tooth extraction

before extraction, the dentist in Playa del Carmen will thoroughly review medical history (surgery, allergic reactions, past and ongoing medical treatments) and the patient and perform dental radiographies. Based on this information, the doctor will assess the difficulty of the procedure.
Risks of dental extraction

-Some surgeries can cause an infection that enters the bloodstream, because many bacteria found in the mouth (and thus close the incision). This happens only if the patients immunity is compromised due to other diseases or medications or artificial heart valves , congenital heart defects , cirrhosis , artificial dentures , predisposition to endocarditis ( an infection of the heart valves or layer or internal) . These patients require treatment with antibiotics before and after surgery.
-the surrounding bone can be affected during long and problematic procedures;
-Dry alveolitis ( alveolar otitis ) – occurs when the healing blood clot is disturbed by not respecting the indications given by the dentist after the procedure.


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