Preventing cavities – how does your dentist in Puerto Vallarta do it?

30 Mar

Cavities are bad, we all know this. They can cause severe pain and other unwanted complications, so it is better to follow their prevention through several simple methods available to all.
The first weapon against the tooth is properly sanitizing after every meal (or at least morning and evening). It is very important to know how to perform properly clean your teeth.
Start by using interdental floss to remove food debris between all teeth with gentle movements, without hurting your gums. At first it might be possible to bleed due to gum inflammation, which decreases as a result of brushing in a few days.
A more efficient and faster for interdental floss is using an oral shower. After complete removal of food debris between the teeth,you can move to proper brushing of teeth using a medium bristle brush (or soft if your dentist recommended it) and a toothpaste containing fluoride. Mentioned is that no matter toothpaste manufacturing company or how much it costs, as long as it contains fluoride.
Most important is the brushing technique: the toothbrush must be placed half on the tooth and half on the gum in a 45 degree angle to the axis of the teeth you are brushing. Movements are made from gum to tooth tip – about 10-15 moves in one place, then you must move on to the next group. We must not forget the back faces of the teeth or chewing sides (the molars and premolars). Show your dentist in Puerto Vallarta and ask him to explain. After brushing one must be careful not to eat anything or drink anything other than water in the evening (unsweetened tea can stain teeth).
Avoid frequent consumption of sweets and sweetened drinks, or sodas. Fizzy drinks, even if artificial sweeteners or not, are particularly dangerous to tooth enamel because of their high acidity, and to health whole body. However, if we eat, it is good to wash your teeth immediately. In case of fizzy drinks and oranges or lemons, it is best to wait a full 30 minutes before brushing. This should be done because the acids can damage the enamel by softening it and the tooth paste can strip it, because of the abrasive components found in it
Frequent fluoridation done by the dentist in Puerto Vallarta when he recommends it, or at home with various gels purchased from pharmacies can prevent tooth decay by strengthening enamel of the tooth. The administration of fluorine in young children is very important, especially when their parents have a high cavity risk and a history of cavities. Ask your dentist to recommend the right dose for your child’s age.
Sealing teeth prone to cavities is a very effective method for preventing tooth decay. This method involves applying a light-curing resin on the rough surfaces of permanent teeth, areas highly susceptible to decay, since some grooves and fissures are so narrow and deep that toothbrush never reaches for a thorough cleaning of the area, resulting in dental caries. Sealants have the highest indication in children between 6-13 years, but according to eruptive pattern of each child, the dentistin Puerto Vallarta can determine the best time for a proper seal.



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