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What you expect when dealing with a Puerto Vallarta Dentist

20 Feb

From the time you are diagnosed with a dental problem that needs to be attended to by a dentist up to the time that you get to go back home satisfied, it is quality service that you get which comes with a surprisingly affordable price that leaves you bewildered all the way. You can find a Puerto Vallarta dentist in any of the listed clinics which offer professional services that at times have promotional offers.  There is so much that you get from dentists that you don’t get to access in many clinics out of Mexico.

When it comes to the clinics, they are listed for you to make a choice depending on the different offers that are constantly dished out. There are some clinics that are Smile Mexico verified, which simply means that your visit there is taken care of by the dental departures. In case anything happens then Smile Mexico take charge. These are clinics that you can visit without the slightest concern regarding the quality of service they deliver. Smile Mexico guarantee that you will get quality service which should meet international standards.

From time to time there are offers which continue to come up and many a time you are called to act before getting into a flight or getting on the road heading to Puerto Vallarta. Almost all the clinics verified by Smile Mexico have a special offer which is common to all of them. They offer US$ 100 discount on dental implants with other offers ranging between them. Other offers that are common are like what the clinics refer to as ‘All on four’. These are offers that display different price tags out there with the highest being US$ 15,000 and the lowest US$ 5,999. All these offers emphasize the fact that there is a very stiff competition that sees offer after offer coming up on a constant basis. All these put the patient at an advantage of accessing prime services at more reasonable prices than one can ever think of.

Dentistscontinue to be very busy throughout as different cases come in. When it comes to what is offered by individual clinics, there is so much to learn about before reaching a conclusion. The services that continue to be offered by the Puerto Vallarta dentist remain to be very dynamic. Perhaps one needs to study the services way long before even needing the services. For instance the Dental Esthetic offers services categorized into the duration the services take. Services that take one day cost between US$ 80 and US$ 200 and they include cleaning, whitening, extraction services andfilling. Services like crowns/veneers which take between 8 and 10 days cost between US$ 300 and US$ 400. Services like dentures which take between 7 and 14 days cost between US$ 500 and US$ 800. Implant procedures are the most expensive carrying a cost of up to US$ 14,000. All these services need to be checked before a commitment is made as they keep on changing from time to time. You need all this information to appreciate what the Puerto Vallarta dentist gives to you in terms of service.


The Hollywood smile – what does your dentist in Cabo San Lucas say?

17 Feb

Here are some of the methods of obtaining white teeth that help more in getting that Hollywood smile than the classical whitening techniques and dentists recommendations regarding proper oral hygiene:

1. Whitening teeth using laser technology

Aesthetic dentistry has a powerful ally in modern technology. So that teeth whitening methods have progressed to the next level: the use of laser technology.

This method is necessary especially when the dentist must treat much damaged teeth (with very pronounced discoloration), where other methods would fail. The short time of the treatment (about 60-90 minutes) is another factor of attraction of patients.

The principle of this method is no difference from other chemical teeth whitening methods, but its effects are highly visible, the procedure is much faster and the results are long lasting (at least 2-3 years).

Apply a protective gel on gums and lips, for tissue protection (burns, irritations due to laser action) and a special gel (chemical) on the teeth. The difference from teeth whitening gels is a higher density and containing a number of particles (hydrogen peroxide) that are activated by the laser beam. When activated, under the effect of laser, it penetrates the tooth enamel and gently removes stains, leaving them healthy looking and shiny.

If you have sensitive teeth, it is recommended that one session be divided into several shorter sessions. But if you suffer from increased tooth sensitivity your dentist in Cabo San Lucas does not recommend using this method. You should possibly treat the sensitive teeth and then ask what the dentist thinks about teeth whitening.

Before performing these procedures should have clean teeth with the help of dental cleaning and professional brushing.

The method does not work on artificial teeth, so you cannot apply this method to implants, fillings or crowns.

These professional whitening treatments are considered safe, with minimal risk if done properly, much more effective than homemade whitening routines ( 5-10 times more effective than commercial products ) and in result obtaining 7-10 shades whiter teeth and guaranteeing a longer life span ( if the patient respects proper oral hygiene ) .

Laser whitening treatment is recommended for people who have healthy teeth and gums, which do not require corrections or other dental restorations.

2. Dental implants: they occupy a special place in dental esthetics, replacing restorations that do not provide a natural tooth look. It is a method of replacing missing teeth, but without being noticed.

The procedure implies dental crown attached endo- osseous implant that has a natural shade as close to the one of adjacent teeth. This method does not involve damaging adjacent teeth (like bridges) and does not impose a limit to the number of implants possible (if supporting bone structure is permitting). Perfect teeth and arches will offer that harmonious smile that suits you and you deserve. It can last for 8-10 years. Your dentist in Cabo San Lucas can provide more information regarding implants and the esthetics of a Hollywood smile.

3. Dental veneering – the famous Hollywood smile.

Broken or chipped, unaesthetic anterior teeth can all be repaired in a flash with the help dental veneers, achieving a spectacular result.

The aims of this type of restoration is to get a more natural texture and morphology (addressing both those who just want whiter teeth and those that need correcting some minor problems in the anterior teeth).

Getting porcelain veneers involves removing a thin layer of enamel (because of this process is irreversible). They are made in the laboratory, where they apply various ceramic layers over a platinum foil. After burning in the oven, platinum foil is removed, resulting in a translucent thin ceramic crust with an appearance similar to that of enamel. The tooth no longer stain, color and brightness remain the same for 10-15 years (following the recommendations from the dentist). Porcelain veneers are finally attached to the tooth using high-tech bonding. In addition, bacteria cannot attach to the surface, teeth remain clean and smooth to the touch of your tongue. The whole process is very easily tolerated by the patient, being bio- compatible.

Smoking and tooth health, opinions by your dentist in Puerto Vallarta

10 Feb

In recent years there is a concern increasingly higher on the harmful effects of smoking in terms of an increase in the frequency of smokers in the population. Numerous studies have shown the link between various diseases of the mouth and smoking, there is in this sense a concern for public awareness on the harmful effects of smoking.

Increasingly more evidence indicating smoking as a major risk factor for periodontal disease (disease of the supporting tissues of the teeth). Smoking affects the prevalence, extent and severity of these diseases. Various studies in America and Europe show a prevalence of periodontitis 1.5 to 7.3 times higher in smokers compared to non-smokers. The number of years the person has smoked is a significant factor in tooth loss, coronal caries severity and periodontal disease.

The mechanisms by which smoking acts periodontal disease are not fully understood. It has been shown that there is a qualitative change of the microorganisms involved in the production of periodontal disease in smokers. Smoking also produces a decrease in the local immune response by decreasing the number and impaired neutrophil function (defensecells) and a decrease in the production of antibodies. It has been shown an increase of tissue destructive enzymes in the conditions of local microcirculation damage (decrease blood supply and nutrients caused by smoking).

Of great interest is the involvement of smoking in cancers in oral- maxillofacial area. Oral cancer has a frequency of 5% of all cancers and the frequency is increasing.

Studies by various authors regarding the etiology of oral cancer indicates that tobacco consumed in various forms plays an important role in this respect. 90 % of patients with oral cancer use tobacco (cigarettes, pipe,and cigar, chewing tobacco). Smoking cigarettes seems to be more harmful than smoking a cigar or pipe. Various studies show that men who smoke are at risk 30 times greater than nonsmokers in triggering oral malignant tumors , while former smokers shows a nine times greater risk than non-smokers . Talk to your dentist in Puerto Vallarta about the risks of smoking according to your age and gender group.

An increased incidence of oral cancer in women has been demonstrated in recent years and a decrease in men given that the percentage of men who quit smoking is higher than that of women. Studies show that about 90 % of deaths from cancer of the oropharynx in males can be attributed to smoking (in women the percentage is 61 %).

As with periodontal disease mechanisms of action are not fully known, which makes tobacco to be considered a risk factor and not a causal factor. Thus, there is a well-established relationship between lip cancer and smoking pipe.

It would seem that tobacco cause damage in the cells of the oral and oral-pharyngeal mucosa causing rapid growth of abnormal cells in the tissue repair process. Clinical & Experimental Research has shown involvement in oral cancers of chemicals that cause changes in cellular DNA by producing mutant cells. These substances are the results from burning tobacco tar and rolling papers. Approximately 12 substances with carcinogenic effect have been identified. The risk of oral cancer is mainly related to the number of cigarettes consumed per day and the period of time. A former smoker’s risk of developing oral cancer field becomes equal to that of a nonsmoker only after 10 years of non-smoking.


It is important to stress the importance of passive smoking and cancer, given that cigarette smoke constituents and various metabolites can be identified in saliva in non-smokers exposed to

Also smoking promotes the rapid formation of tarter, making the patient even more prone to periodontal disease. You must visit you dentist in Puerto Vallarta every 6 months for a professional cleaning and even root scaling if it’s necessary

Does my child need braces? Your dentist in Puerto Vallarta answers

3 Feb

Does my child needs braces?  Is a question that every parent should ask at a point throughout life? The need for orthodontic treatment can be diagnosed only by an orthodontist, but it is good for the parent to be informed of the best time to present to the Puerto Vallarta dentist.

The temporary dentition (the milk teeth) is necessary for the parent to review the following signs:

• If the child has a perfect smile without spacing between milk teeth, this is a warning of a shortage of space. Milk teeth are much smaller in diameter than the permanent ones , so if they are perfectly aligned it means that the permanent tooth will not have room to erupt or not there is enough space on the entire arch for the eruption of all permanent teeth ;

• The child shows vicious habits of sucking, mandibular propulsion or interposition of various objects or cheek and/or upper or lower lipbiting;

• A predominantlysoft food diet can causethe absence of physiological dental attrition of temporary teeth – a milestone in the development of normal occlusion. Diet is extremely important in the etiology of malocclusion;

• Premature loss of temporary teeth (caries, trauma, extraction) or incorrect fillings are factors generating imbalances. Early loss of second temporary molar inclination makes the first permanent molars to erupt incorrectly.

In the mixed dentition (between 6 and 12 years):

• From 5 to 6 years temporary arch transform normally (due to the eruption of the first molar)from a semicircle in an ellipse. The emergence of modified arch forms (arch shaped like a “V”) is an early sign of a compression of the jaw or even the protrusion of the jaw. Your Puerto Vallarta dentist will tell you the best treatment for your child, depending on his age and personal history.

• Inconsistencies in the temporary arch do not specifically announce an identical situation in the permanent dentition, they still require supervision during the eruption of permanent teeth.

• Vicious habits or abnormal muscle behaviors that were not corrected during temporary teeth now have a greater effect on the skeleton and may lead to malocclusion

• Cavities are once again a feared factor in the development of dental apparatus, especially young permanent teeth caries. A common problem is the loss of erupting first permanent molar long before the other permanent teeth are erupted. This raises orthodontic issues, leading to crowding or even more serious problems like cross bite or anterior deep bite.

It is however indicated to get an orthodontic consultation during this period, because some types of genetically transmitted abnormalities, hereditary can be treated correctly and completely only in this age range. If the parent has malocclusionstreated or untreated then there is a chance that the child will inherit the same forms.

Not all inconsistencies are permanent or require treatment. An example are the lateral incisors. Lower incisors erupt after upper central incisors and at the same time and therefore will have a modified position. Upper lateral incisors erupt in a slightly posterior position, but as the central incisors migrate to the occlusal plane, so will lateral incisor resume normal position. These slight inconsistencies must not be treated.