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Does my child need braces? Your dentist in Puerto Vallarta answers

27 Jan

Does my child needs braces?  Is a question that every parent should ask at a point throughout life? The need for orthodontic treatment can be diagnosed only by an orthodontist, but it is good for the parent to be informed of the best time to present to the Puerto Vallarta dentist.

The temporary dentition (the milk teeth) is necessary for the parent to review the following signs:

• If the child has a perfect smile without spacing between milk teeth, this is a warning of a shortage of space. Milk teeth are much smaller in diameter than the permanent ones , so if they are perfectly aligned it means that the permanent tooth will not have room to erupt or not there is enough space on the entire arch for the eruption of all permanent teeth ;

• The child shows vicious habits of sucking, mandibular propulsion or interposition of various objects or cheek and/or upper or lower lipbiting;

• A predominantlysoft food diet can causethe absence of physiological dental attrition of temporary teeth – a milestone in the development of normal occlusion. Diet is extremely important in the etiology of malocclusion;

• Premature loss of temporary teeth (caries, trauma, extraction) or incorrect fillings are factors generating imbalances. Early loss of second temporary molar inclination makes the first permanent molars to erupt incorrectly.

In the mixed dentition (between 6 and 12 years):

• From 5 to 6 years temporary arch transform normally (due to the eruption of the first molar)from a semicircle in an ellipse. The emergence of modified arch forms (arch shaped like a “V”) is an early sign of a compression of the jaw or even the protrusion of the jaw. Your Puerto Vallarta dentist will tell you the best treatment for your child, depending on his age and personal history.

• Inconsistencies in the temporary arch do not specifically announce an identical situation in the permanent dentition, they still require supervision during the eruption of permanent teeth.

• Vicious habits or abnormal muscle behaviors that were not corrected during temporary teeth now have a greater effect on the skeleton and may lead to malocclusion

• Cavities are once again a feared factor in the development of dental apparatus, especially young permanent teeth caries. A common problem is the loss of erupting first permanent molar long before the other permanent teeth are erupted. This raises orthodontic issues, leading to crowding or even more serious problems like cross bite or anterior deep bite.

It is however indicated to get an orthodontic consultation during this period, because some types of genetically transmitted abnormalities, hereditary can be treated correctly and completely only in this age range. If the parent has malocclusionstreated or untreated then there is a chance that the child will inherit the same forms.

Not all inconsistencies are permanent or require treatment. An example are the lateral incisors. Lower incisors erupt after upper central incisors and at the same time and therefore will have a modified position. Upper lateral incisors erupt in a slightly posterior position, but as the central incisors migrate to the occlusal plane, so will lateral incisor resume normal position. These slight inconsistencies must not be treated.


Halitosis or bad breath: all you need to know from your Cabo San Lucas dentist

19 Jan

Whether you call it bad breath or halitosis, it is an unpleasant and embarrassing condition. One of the negative aspects of this disease is that you cannot always realize if you smell bad. Have you ever noticed that people move out of the way when you start talking? Or you turn the cheek when you greet them with a kiss? There are many subtle signs that indicate this condition. If there isn’t a person you trust to tell you about your freshness of breath, there are some simple tests: wipe the middle of the tongue with a cotton pad or a cotton swab, wipe it on your wrist, and then smell the wrist. There is also a medical device that measures the amount of volatile sulfur compounds in your breath. They are the ones to blame for the odor.

The symptoms for halitosis are a coated tongue, bad breath, dry mouth and teeth, post nasal discharge, and a burning sensation of the tongue when you wake up. Also saliva is thicker and you have the constant need cough in the morning to regain your voice.

The causes of halitosis according to your Cabo San Lucas dentistare many. One cause of halitosis is eating. Foods like garlic and onions have compounds that generate a bad breath that are absorbed into the bloodstream and then into the lungs, where they will be present in the air that is expired. In this case, remove the odor temporarily brushing it. The bad breath will stop with the complete elimination of food in the body. Only a small proportion of cases of halitosis are due to stomach and gastric problems. For the most part, bad breath is located in the back of the mouth, where bacteria feeds on mucus and food particles, producing malodorous sulfur compounds. If poor oral hygiene is present, food debris gatheron the tongue, teeth and gums and attract bacteria that produce toxins that will make your breath smell worse. Smoking causes bad breath due to accumulation of nicotine, tar and other smelly substances in the mouth.

Halitosis and bad taste in mouth can be a sign of persistent gum disease or periodontitis. Gingivitis is caused by plaque formed on teeth. It produces toxins that irritate the gums, and in advanced stages severely affects the gums, bone and other structures supporting the teeth. Do not forget to tooth decay – bacteria that cause tooth decay has an action on the tooth, leading to demineralization and bad breath. The metabolic products that are resulted from the bacterial metabolism are one of the most frequent sources of bad breath. Your dentist in Cabo San Lucas recommends to schedule a professional cleaning every 6 months for cleaner teeth and gums.

Other diseases that can cause halitosis are respiratory tract infections,diabetes,and liverdisease,gastrointestinal and renal dysfunction.

There is a phobia of the disease, affecting about 25 % of people seeking cures for halitosis. These people see a doctor just in fear of having bad breath.

There is no single treatment for halitosis and it depends on the cause of the problem. It is important to have a proper oral hygiene (floss and mouthwash) and regular checkups to the Cabo San Lucas dentist – at least twice a year, in order to prevent or treat any dental problems that cause halitosis .People who suffer from chronic sinusitis may use a saline spray to clean the nasal passages. Antibiotics can effectively fight against bacteria that produce sulfur gases .For a dry mouth it helps to drink plenty of water and chew sugarless gum.

All you need to know about dental abrasion from your Cancun dentist

11 Jan

Dental abrasion occurs physiologically because of the friction forces occurring consecutively from contacting the upper teeth and the lower teeth during mastication. This phenomenon is mostly seen on the cusps of posterior teeth and canines and the edges of anterior teeth, thus resulting the secondary morphology of teeth by reducing the primary characteristics by polishing ridges and sharp edges. With age, dental abrasion destroys the enamel and can reach the dentin. As enamel cannot be regenerated the dentin might react, and start producing thin layer of thicker, rougher dentin, to protect itself. Abrasion is very pronounced in milk teeth, although they have a shorter lifespan, they still tend to present significant loss of dental hard substance before the period of replacement of permanent teeth.

It is estimated that approximately 11.8 % of the population has this disorder, males are more likely (62.5 %). There are multiple classifications in the literature that will systematize the severity of the substance deficit, taking as references the affected tissues, depth or the exact location on the tooth.

According to your Cancun dentist there are multiple risk factors that can trigger dental abrasion.
They may be endogenous ( those who depend on the body ) or exogenous ( dependent on environmental factors ) :
– losing you teeth ( resulting from tooth extraction ) , the most dangerous being the absence of lateral teeth groups (especially molars ), which promotes overuse of the frontals ;

– Improperly adjusted or incorrectly made dentures or made ​​of materials with hardness greater than that of enamel;

– Mastication predominantly or exclusively on one side (right or left ) , from the existence of pathologies on the opposite side that cause pain or disturb the patient , causing him to avoid touching the area ;
– Bruxism (teethgrinding), due to stress and masticatory muscle hyper function;
– Abnormalities of tooth structure responsible for weakening enamel and dentin: the marble bone disease syndrome, dental fluorosis, etc.
– Bad habits involving the interposition of certain objects between dental arches: smoking pipe,onychophagia (nailbiting), chewing tobacco;
– Multiple and repeated contacts with wind instruments in the case of musicians;
– Occupational exposure to environmental inorganic and organic acids (abrasion all groups interested in these subjects, enamel initially appears uneven, but when the abrasion reaches the dentin, the surfaces tend to have a smooth appearance. Workers with long experience in such conditions, may lose their permanent dental crowns and abrasion tends to be generalized)

– Various endocrine diseases like the diseases in thepituitary, thyroid or parathyroid glands.

– Use toothpastes that have a high content of abrasive substances, improper brushing techniques orinappropriate toothbrushes;

That is why it’s highly recommended to schedule a visits with your Cancun dentist to properly see if you are in the group affected by dental abrasion. Cancun is only a short flight away. We offer you the best conditions, the latest medical equipment and the best team of doctors, all so you can enjoy a well-deserved vacation in Mexico and in the same time get a new and improved smile.