Porcelain veneers – what does your dentist in Cancun think of them?

28 Nov

Porcelain veneers can transform a smile in a radiant and beautiful one. Patients who are interested in the correction of minor and moderate cosmetic defects can benefit from this great innovation in the field of dentistry.

In many cases, veneers are more than sufficient to resolve their needs and complex treatment is not necessary in such cases. The durable dental work, each with the thickness of eggshells are specially designed to fit perfectly over the tooth surface correcting any improper alignment of the teeth.


When people are not satisfied with their front teeth tend to smile less often, tend to be shy and restrained in different social circles, self-confidence dropping dramatically. These facets solve cosmetic issues that a patient might have, restoring confidence in individual self. This is the most popular cosmetic dentistry procedure and many people often use it.

They are totally esthetic, made ​​of thin porcelain,translucent, so when the light is captured by tooth, it has a natural lightness and translucency. Your dentist in Cancun can explain to you in more depth the detailed properties of different types of porcelain veneers

Each veneer is custom. For them to be created, they need a dental impression, so the work is individually handmade by one of our technicians specialize in this procedure.

Another feature to consider is their durability, allowing patients to keep their same eating habits. Also, veneers are strong in terms of their staining with various foods such as soda, coffee,and carrots. For a more efficient outcome good oral hygiene is also necessary.

Results are immediate, once you leave the dentist’soffice, you can boast a perfect smile.The entire treatment can be done in about 1-2 sessions.

After the first session, when the doctor prepared the teeth is followed by a dental impression, then the veneers are manufactured in the laboratory. Typically, this process should take no longer than 2-3 weeks.

Porcelain veneers are the most appropriate method for solving problems related to teeth aesthetics such as staining, fading, chipping or breaking them.

This procedure requires no recovery time, the patient is able to resume daily activities effective immediately. Also, risks or side effects are minor. Patients may have a tooth sensitivity after the procedure, although in general these symptoms are not present.

The approximate lifespan of 10-12 years, with the proper dental hygiene and care from the patient. There can be replaced if they break or degrade, but these situations are rare and are also the result of the patients care and rigor regarding oral hygiene.

If the patient doesn’t want a thin layer of enamel removed in order to have porcelain veneers, other options are now available. Your dentist in Cancun can tell you about the no-prep type of veneers that can stick directly to the tooth. This is a new type of treatment with stellar results.

In combination with other dental treatments such as teeth whitening, dental fillings or dental reconstruction, veneers keep their properties intact, perfect for a healthy and beautiful smile.


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