Your dentist in Playa del Carmen:Dental Implant – Stages before and after surgical procedure

19 Nov

Visiting the dentist is for many people a reason for discomfort. A dental implant is a revolutionary process by which a patient has one or more missing teeth can regain your smile in one day, through a safe and painless process.

All you need to know about treatment is that the biggest advantage is that the entire dental implant procedure to replace missing teeth can be done in just one day, the patient comes to the clinic for dental implants and leave the same day with a smile rebuilt.
When you go to a consult your dentist in Playa del Carmen, the doctor will provide a detailed treatment plan that includes steps that should be followed for the proper completion of dental implant treatment.
Before dental implant surgery will be performed on diagnostic models. In some of the cases will be carried out simulations for the new teeth. During visits to the dentist before the dental implant procedure, several coordinates about aesthetics, tooth position, tooth shade and quality of speech will be determined.


Next steps for patient recovery after dental implant:

– Follow the directions that the dentist in Playa del Carmen gives you after the intervention
-Local , small bumps may occur
-After surgery there are no bleeding and no stitches around the area of the implant
-In case the dental implant , a single surgery is sufficient for restructuring smile
-The success rate of surgery is 90 % and the risk of complications is very low
-Dental implants allow healthy growth of the jaw bone and gum
-Compared to traditional surgery , recovery time is reduced to dental implant
-You can have full meals and no restrictions , you are allowed foods from all categories
-You can even go to work the next day intervention
-Discomfort after the procedure is small , rarely appears and can be removed with proper medication

In the early days of the intervention avoid :

-Do intense workouts and exercise
-Do not smoke
-Do not rinse intensely

Dental implants require the same care and oral hygiene as natural teeth, including brushing, using dental floss and regular medical checkups.
At one month after insertion of the prosthetic work is done, the dentist needs to assess the implant and the surrounding tissue, then periodic checks will be made of 3 in 3 months. If the patient’s home care are appropriate and do not notice signs of illness around the implant after one year, the checks can be performed every 4-6 months.

Plaque develops faster on titanium than on tooth enamel. However dental implants can be more easily cleaned and maintained than natural teeth because, titanium does not develop cavities and plaque and tartar is more easily removed from the surface of the implant surfaces than natural teeth. In the case of partially edentulous patients the remaining natural teeth can influence the composition of the plaque that is attached to the implant. For longer lasting implants, the patient needs to have a proper cleaning routine as recommended by the dentist in Playa del Carmen.


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