When is the right time to visit your dentist in Tijuana?

26 Oct

If you makeregular visits to the dentist in Tijuana, you probably will notworry aboutyour oral health. Thisdoes not mean thatyou should be awareofcertainoral symptoms- somethingespecially true forpatients that let a longer periodof time passbetweenvisitsto the dentist.
Nearly 9out of 10diseases(other thanthe digestivesystem diseases) can causeoral manifestations. This puts thedentistina position tobethe first todiscoverpossibleseriousdiseasesthatare manifestedby symptomspresent atthe mouth. Therefore it isso important tosee your dentist iatleast twice ayear.

Anincreased sensitivity tohot and cold:

oncepast theenamel the caries process getsinside the tooth(which containsnerves andblood vessels) and like this appearnoticeablesymptomssuch asincreased sensitivitytohot or coldfoods. Ifthis happens, you should schedule avisit toyour dentistas soon as possibleto treat the cavity.

Oralsensitivitytohot and coldmayalso bea sign oflessseriousproblemssuch asteeth grindingthatyou may notbe awareespecially if it happensduring sleep. Whatever the case, oralsensitivitytohot or coldfoodsshould be ofsomemention thedentist.

Painin the mouth orjawareoften a sign ofstress.Stress cancontribute toa number ofphysical and mentaldisorders. Your dentistcan helpidentifythe source ofjaw pain, whichare often caused bysimpleand treatableconditionssuch astoothache, sinus problemsorgum disease.
It isimportant to remember thatpain or discomfortin the jawcan be a signof animpendingheart attack. Knowing thisand knowingthe othermanifestations ofheart attack(especially ifyou know you areexposed tothat risk) should make you pay attention tothis eventand seekemergency medical help.

Almost everyoneexperiencesbad breathbuttooth brushing(includingbrushing of thetongue)and flossingshould improvethe situation.What happenswhen allthis was done, and yet the problem still remains? Thiscould indicatethe presence ofadvancedgum disease, so it is important tosee your dentist. Inmost casesbad breathis caused byeating certainfoods thatare part ofyour diet. Onions, garlic and somespicescancauseabad odor, which will persist for severalhours afterconsumption.Inaddition, people whohave diabetes,have ahigh protein dietor consumealcoholtend to haveasweet-smellingbreath(likefruit), due to a metabolicconditioncalledketoacidosis.

Toothachegenerally indicatesaserious problem.Othersymptoms associated withtoothachemight includeteeth sensitivityto touchor presence ofinfectionin thegums. You mustkeep in mindthat whetherthe painwill fadeordisappear aftera day or two, you should go to your dentistin Tijuana forathorough check. The body canfighttoothinfections, but this does not meanthat it will also heal itself.


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